🎉 Track point distribution the simpler way. Jumpstart your project with custom indexer, DeFi integration template, Clickhouse database and instant APIs.
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Fast indexer, built to scale
Migrate from subgraphs or run your custom processors, with native support of GraphQL and SQL
Fast indexing
Preview the result, prevent lost due to human errors
Easy to onboard
Migrate from your existing subgraphs in few clicks
Powerful features
Come with SQL and GraphQL support and multi-versions
Build your own processor
Developer first experience that gives you all the power you want
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"Sentio is one of the best real-time analysis tool in web3 spaces. It facilitates the work to generate types for processor and also provides no-code visualization solution."
Co-founder, Bucket Protocol
Migrate from subgraphs
Migrate from subgraphs
Sentio provides an instant, reliable data experience with simple migration in a few mins. 10x faster speed together with consistency and reorg handling.
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Powerful features
Powerful features
Use GraphQL and SQL APIs that suits your business needs. Iterate faster with multi-version in place
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Cronos Labs
"Sentio dashboard is an absolute game-changer! Its unparalleled flexibility in configuring diverse metrics has not only empowered our analytics with unparalleled efficiency and precision but has also played a pivotal role in driving our business forward. Grateful for such a transformative tool and team work with."
Product, Cronos Lab