🎉 Track point distribution the simpler way. Jumpstart your project with custom indexer, DeFi integration template, Clickhouse database and instant APIs.
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Get a peace of mind
Preview transaction result with up to 10x speed. Available in both UI and API.
Simulator view
Keep assets safe
Preview the result, prevent lost due to human errors
Flexible timing config
Supports both historical and pending block
State override
Easily test transaction with desired state values
Save gas
See the revert without spending gas
Fast speed
3-10x faster in getting simulation result
Boosted efficiency for devs
Natively integrated with Sentio traces for quick debug and iteration experience
balance changes
Balance Changes
Integrate Sentio Simulation API to provide transaction preview to your users for an improved user experience. Give users information of success/fail, balance changes, fund flow and accurate gas estimation.
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"Sentio's debugger and simulator have quickly found a niche on Polygon zkEVM and CDK, offering tools to help developers debug and ship faster than ever across our ecosystem chains."
Jack Melnick
Head of Defi, Polygon Labs
Boost development
Boost development
Use simulation to preview and debug transactions without spending gas. Override state, manage simulated transactions, debug codes with easy to use dashboards and APIs.
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"Sentio's simulator provides preview of fund flows for each transaction. Stable and reliable preview helps users to sign transaction with a peace of mind. "